Post-operative hamstring rupture rehabilitation protocol

  • complete proximal hamstring rupture (acute repair, no augmentation)
  • isolated proximal biceps femoris rupture / conjoint tendon (BF + ST) rupture
  • proximal semimemranosus rupture

Post-operative treatment:

  • Often daily surgery; patient can leave the hospital same day.
  • First knee slightly flexed while laying on bed.
  • Wound check after 2-3 days, sutures removed after 10-12 days.
  • Walking with help of two crutches during first two weeks. However, full weight bearing is allowed immediately after operation while standing and slow walking.
  • Calf and gluteus muscle activations can be started right after operation as well as isometric hamstring contractions.
  • After two weeks LPG treatment (physio) if necessary.
  • Sitting should be avoided as much as possible during first three weeks.
  • Active stretching of the hamstrings should be avoided first four / five weeks.
  • Functional strengthening / physiotherapy starts normally at 4 weeks. Gradually increasing load of the hamstrings. It is also important to concentrate on to the gluteus, calf muscles and pelvis core training.
  • Light aqua training can be started after 3-4 weeks, crosstrainer / stationary biking after 5-6 weeks, Alter-G running after 8-10 weeks, normal running after 2-3 months and return to field after 2.5-3 months from the operation.
  • Return to high level of sports after 3-5 months from the operation.

Dr. Lasse Lempainen MD, PhD
Orthopedic surgeon
Adjunct professor
FinnOrthopaedics, Turku, Finland


Lasse Lempainen
ortopedian erikoislääkäri
urheiluortopedian dosentti

Lasse Lempainen (Pihlajalinna)