Proximal hamstring repair – surgical technique


Proximal hamstring injuries are common in athletes. Surgical indications are based on to regain the pre-injury activity level of the athlete.

The key to achieve athletes back to play is to understand that hamstrings consist of three different muscles which have different functions.

The rupture of proximal hamstring tendon can occur to one, two or all of these three tendons (semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris) which may result to disabling and chronic pain with unable to fully participate to competitive sports.

Surgery with open technique provides good visibility to hamstring tendons, nervous structures and bony insertion landmarks.

This chapter gives the reader the indications for proximal hamstring tendon avulsion surgery together with the surgical technique and post-operative rehabilitation. We also discuss possible complications of the operative treatment.

Keywords: hamstring injury, tendon avulsion, open surgery, surgical technique, rehabilitation

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Lasse Lempainen (Pihlajalinna)