Tarsal navicular stress fractures – A Challenging Injury in Athletes


Background: Tarsal navicular stress fracture is a serious injury. Results from conservative treatment of early phase navicular stress fracture and surgical treatment of severe phase navicular stress fracture in athletes was evaluated.Methods: 34 athletes were diagnosed to have a tarsal navicular stress fracture. Seventeen patients were treated conservatively. Seventeen patients had surgical treatment. The follow-up time was >2 years and return to pre-injury level of sports was evaluated in all patients using four categories: excellent, good, moderate or poor.

Results: The results from conservative treatment were excellent in all patients. Recovery from surgical treatment was excellent
in 7 patients, good in 7, moderate in 2 and poor in 1 patient.

Conclusions: Early diagnosis is very important for successful treatment of tarsal navicular stress fracture. The treating physician must keep in mind the symptoms and use an appropriate imaging method in the early phase of forefoot pain.

Keywords: Stress Fracture; Running; Overtraining; MRI; Lower Extremity Injuries

Full article html: https://jacobspublishers.com/tarsal-navicular-stress-fracture-a-challenging-injury-in-athletes/

Read article: Liimatainen et al JJ Ortho Rheum 2017 Tarsal naviclar stress fractures (pdf)


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