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New "Tendon Guide with FC Barcelona 2021" published

Dr Lasse Lempainen is a corresponding author relating to the surgical chapter.


Summer 2021 - European Football Championship and Tokyo Olympic Games

Professional athletes from different sports and different countries trust Dr Lasse Lempainen´s skills for returning back to field after severe injuries. Leonardo Spinazzola, Ousmane Dembele, Thomas Van der Plaetsen, Annimari Korte...


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Sergi Roberto was operated in Turku

Sergi Roberto from FC Barcelona was operated in Turku by Dr Lasse Lempainen.


Training with Spinazzola. All good!

Dr. Lasse Lempainen visited in Italy monitoring Leonardo Spinazzola´s recovery.


Congratulations Malcom and Bruno Fuchs!

Two players Malcom and Bruno Fuchs were recently operated in Turku by orthopaedic surgeon Lasse Lempainen because of chronic rectus femoris tears. Also, both athletes were tested in Turku after rehabilitation.


Collaboration with FC Barcelona continues

Collaboration between Dr Lasse Lempainen and FC Barcelona continues actively.
Now in November Dr Lempainen talks about surgical treatment of hamstring injuries in congress organized by FC Barcelona.

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Malcom – Return to the play after injury


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Surgery - Proximal hamstring rupture with bone fragment


Professional football player from Italy having surgery by Lasse Lempainen at Mehiläinen NEO Turku, Finland.

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The Barça Innovation Hub team

Surgery for central hamstring tendon injuries: An internal study

Two years ago, the FC Barcelona medical team decided to operate on the athletes with this type of injury, “if it was chronic and recurrent or if it was acute but the rupture was complete and the tendon ends were separated,” explains Ricard Pruna, head of medical services at the club.

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Madeline Heiner and Amanda Rego running again

After hamstring operations towards Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Madeline Heiner


Amanda Rego



Lasse Lempainen
orthopaedic surgeon
adjunct professor

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