Return to Play Prediction Accuracy of the MLG‑R Classification System for Hamstring Injuries in Football Players: A Machine Learning Approach

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A systematic review of surgical intervention in the treatment of hamstring tendon ruptures: current evidence on the impact on patient outcomes

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Tendon injuries in football players: FC Barcelona 2021 tendon guide

Jill Cook, Gil Rodas, Alan McCall, Ricard Pruna, Rochelle Kennedy and Lluís Til.
Dr Lasse Lempainen is a corresponding author relating to the surgical chapter.

The FC Barcelona tendon guide

Tears of biceps femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus are not equal — A new individual muscle-tendon concept in athletes

L. Lempainen, J. Kosola, R. Pruna, J-J. Sinikumpu, X. Valle, O. Heinonen, S. Orava, N. Maffulli

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