Muscle Injury Guide

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Hamstring injury information

Most hamstring injuries are treated conservatively with good results. However, there are cases in which surgery should be considered already in the acute phase. Also there are cases in which surgery should be considered later if non-operative treatment appears to be unsuccesful.

Basic information regarding Achilles tendon disorders

Achilles tendon disorders are quite common among athletes and other individuals who perform physical activities that require a lot of movement. The symptoms that most often affect this tendon are pain and stiffness. However, more serious problems may sometimes arise, such as a complete rupture of the tendon. Though many Achilles tendon disorders do not require surgical treatment, sometimes surgery is indeed necessary.


Case: Robert Gendler

American physician Robert Gendler had been feeling pain in his buttocks for a long time, which made it difficult for him to sit or engage in physical activity. After learning about Hospital NEO’s reputation for excellence in treating hamstring injuries, Dr. Gendler applied for surgery in Finland under the care of orthopedic surgeon Lasse Lempainen. Now, thanks to the surgery he is again able to enjoy physical activity and live a pain-free life.


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