Triceps tears in athletes: different injury patterns and surgical treatment

Lasse Lempainen · Janne Sarimo · Mark Rawlins ·
Jouni Heikkilä · Sakari Orava

Introduction Triceps muscle tears requiring surgical treatment
are uncommon injuries.
Method We present 10 cases, all of them were athletes. All
these patients were treated surgically between 1993 and
2009. Three operations were performed in the acute
phase and the rest seven cases an average of 6 months (range
3–12 months) after the primary injury. The mean follow-up
period after surgery was 6 years (range 2–9 years).
Results The result was evaluated to be excellent in Wve
cases, good in four, and fair in one patient. All except one
patient were able to resume full training.
Conclusion Our results show that surgical treatment
seems to be beneWcial in severe triceps tears even after
failed conservative treatment.

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Lasse Lempainen
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